BB&T Commercial Equipment Capital structures lease terms that match your unique equipment needs and budget. We work with you through the entire leasing process - from need identification through approval, documentation, and funding - to meet the expectations of your organization.

Municipal Lease Options

  • Single Purchase Leases. Allows the government body to purchase and acquire equipment that will be delivered prior to or on the date when the lease is signed. This option is ordinarily used for the acquisition of only a few pieces of equipment over a limited period of time.
  • Master Equipment Lease Programs. A master equipment lease provides a structure by which a government body may add equipment schedule to an existing master agreement that may not have been identified on the date of original execution of the master lease. Rather than entering into several different lease agreements each time the government body desires to purchase equipment, only a simple schedule or addendum is needed.
  • Escrow Agreements. Escrow agreements are utilized when the acquisition of equipment includes several vendors or a phased sequence of delivery or installation dates. An escrow account is created where the monies are withdrawn at the direction of the government body to pay for the equipment as it is acquired and installed.
  • Prepayment Options. The government body has the option to prepay the lease at a discounted buyout price that is negotiated at the inception of the lease.
  • Variable Payments. Lease terms for monthly, quarterly, and annual payments are standard options. Flexible terms with graduated or deferral structures to accommodate the government body’s budget or fiscal cash flow needs are available upon request.
  • Conduit Financing. Qualified non-profit organizations may be eligible for tax-exempt financing by involving a state or local government unit.