Info For Dealers

Benefits to Dealer

Most companies finance some or all of their equipment. If you are not offering financing to your customers, someone else is! Offering a finance program keeps you in control of the sale. It helps retain profit margins, offers one-stop shopping, and closes sales faster.

Increased profits and sales:

  • It is often easier to sell monthly payments than the full cash price of the equipment
  • Monthly payments are more affordable for your customers because they overcome cost and cash flow objections
  • Monthly payments protect your margins by eliminating your sales team’s reliance on discounting
  • Shorten the selling cycle by having a financing solution already in place for your customer

Minimize credit and receivables risk:

  • Receive immediate payment from BB&T Commercial Equipment Capital upon delivery of equipment
  • Decrease your internal cost of managing accounts receivables
  • Eliminate the need to offer extended payment terms to your customers

Complete proposals to include finance options:

  • By providing financing options, you have included a simple option to finance—one-stop shopping

Build repeat business:

  • Provide your customer with the ability to finance upgrades for replacement equipment
  • Updates and additions can easily be added by signing a simple schedule

Referral fees:

  • Referral fees up to 5% can be earned by dealer